Face to face therapy sessions


The therapy room is rented from a charity. The space is used by lots of different groups and organisations, to encourage individuals to be active, creative and social. There is a café which accepts donations for drinks and snacks, exercise groups, photography groups, a memory group for elderly people and the space downstairs is also used as an exhibition space. There is a large garden outside.

There is no specific parking for the building, so you will need to plan parking in advance. There are some free public parking spaces down the road which you could use.

The building has their own Covid-19 protocol in place. There are arrows on the floor, a one way system and socially distanced tables in the café.


The following information has been collated from the Government and NHS Guidelines, updated with the newest changes starting 19th July 2021. If you need more information about Covid-19, please check the following website -

There is a one-way system in place, with entrance and exit doors. When you walk into the building, you will walk into the café area. Please leave room for others to enter and exit.

You may be asked who you are here to see, and you are free to give your Therapist’s name only, or state that you are here for a meeting. You do not need to give your name or why you are attending.

You are free to wait outside or in your car prior to your session, or wait in the onsite café. Please ensure that you are available at your appointment time as your Therapist will collect you at that time. Feel free to text 07949 889 492 when you arrive.

You will no longer be asked to scan the Chiltern Talking Therapies NHS Test and Trace QR Code using the NHS Covid-19 App. You do not need to give your details to anybody else at the premises. To protect your confidentiality, this will all be dealt with by your Therapist. 

If your Therapist is required to give your details to the NHS Test and Trace service / Local Authority, they will give the minimum details required for NHS / Local Authority data collection and will not go into details about the purpose of the appointment.

There will also be hand sanitiser available for you to use in the therapy room.

You will no longer have your temperature checked by your Therapist. You are asked to wear a face covering or mask to your session and wear this in all communal areas until you get to the therapy room. Your Therapist will do the same.

Please do not attend your session if you have any symptoms of Covid-19:

- A high temperature
- A new, continuous cough
- A loss or change to your sense of smell or taste

This is incredibly important and non-negotiable. We will be sharing a space with vulnerable members of the community. You should self-isolate and follow Government guidelines -

Your appointment may be cancelled at short notice if your Therapist comes into contact with someone who has symptoms of Covid-19, if your Therapist tests positive for Covid-19 or if your Therapist experiences the above symptoms of Covid-19.

In these circumstances, you will be informed as soon as possible and the session will either be cancelled, or rearranged as a remote therapy session. If your Therapist becomes unwell and is unable to notify you of the cancellation, their Clinical Supervisor will contact you instead.

You will discuss and agree with your Therapist whether you will wear your face coverings or masks throughout the session. This is personal choice and will be assessed and agreed for each person.

You will be escorted to the therapy room. You will likely pass other people whilst walking through the communal areas of the building. Please try to keep socially distanced from others at all times. 

The building does have a one-way system in place downstairs, though this is not possible upstairs due to the narrow corridors. The stairs are also very steep and there is no access for wheelchair users.

The windows in the therapy room will be open throughout the session, as well as between sessions, to ensure good ventilation. 

The therapy room will be cleaned between clients, specifically any high touch areas such as door handles / pens etc. The chairs are fabric so cannot be easily cleaned. 

The therapy room is big enough to ensure plenty of space between you and your Therapist. Seats will be arranged so that you are not facing each other prior to the session, please do not move them closer. 

​There is a toilet including sink where you can wash your hands before and after the session. This space is not cleaned by your Therapist.

It is currently recommended that you should take Regular Rapid Lateral Flow Covid-19 tests twice a week. Your Therapist tests themselves twice a week. You can collect these tests from a local pharmacy or order them free from the NHS website -

​Jennie (owner of Chiltern Talking Therapies) has had the full course of two Covid-19 vaccinations. You can ask to see confirmation of this if required. Other Therapists may not have had their vaccines and this will be discussed before face to face sessions are booked.

Jennie (owner of Chiltern Talking Therapies) has a long-term health condition, which means that she is classified as ‘Clinically Vulnerable’. Other members of the team also have specific health issues which could put them more at risk of becoming seriously ill if they were to contract Covid-19.

Please take necessary precautions between sessions to minimise exposure to Covid-19. This is to protect you and your family, your Therapist and their families, as well as other service users or members of the public at the location.

If you have any questions or queries about the above information, please contact us. If you have individual needs, we can assess these together and make changes if this is possible. 

Your risks may increase if you travel by public transportation, use the onsite café or interact with others before or after your session. 


- You will not attend the session if you have any symptoms of Covid-19, have had contact with anyone with symptoms of Covid-19, or have been told to isolate within the past 10 days.

- You will comply with the Covid-19 protocol, maintaining good respiratory / hand hygiene at all times.

- Your Therapist may be required to provide your contact details to the Local Authority or NHS Test and Trace. You will be notified, but no additional consent will be sought.

- If you do not adhere to the above protocol, face to face sessions will not be offered and your therapy will be reverted back to remote sessions.

- You understand that you are under no obligation to meet face to face with your Therapist, and that remote therapy is an alternative option.

- You understand that by committing to face to face sessions, you will need to give 14 days’ notice to reverting back to remote sessions again as your Therapist is incurring room booking and other costs.

- This protocol will be updated regularly, e.g. following new Government advice, but you are responsible for keeping up to date with the latest advice at